Vision Beyond Borders


In partnership with the office of Cong. Freddie Siao, the Football for Humanity (FFH) Foundation will conduct a football coaching program on Nov. 13-15 at the BFF Training Camp, Luinab, Iligan City.


Two international football mentors — Owen Southgate, a licensed tutor for the Football Association (FA) of England; and Chris Thomas, founder of FFH — will handle the lectures and training.


We have invited football coaches and trainers from schools, football clubs, local barangays, and neighboring municipalities to participate in the program.



This will be a great opportunity to improve the quality of football competition in Iligan City!


English Football Association (FA) tutor Owen Southgate delivers an introduction to football coaching during the 1st day of the Vision Beyond Borders football coaching course at the Builders for the Future (BFF) Training Center and Gymnasium, Luinab, Iligan City.



Coaches, kids, and football mentors Owen Southgate and Chris Thomas gathered today at the Ludo Football Field for a football demonstration as part of the Vision Beyond Borders football coaching course organized by the Football for Humanity (FFH) in partnership with the office of Cong. 


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