FREDERICK  “Freddie WEE SIAO is a pure Iliganon. He is born in Iligan on November 29, 1966. His father Henry Tiu Siao – a Chinese is married to a Filipina Juanita Wee Siao.

Freddie is a good father and a good provider who loves to spend time with the kids travelling to places here and abroad.  He is married to a lumad Iliganon belonging to the Padilla clan – Maria Teresa Padilla Siao. They are blessed with three children namely Thomas Derrick, Alexandra and Ethan Gabriel.

Freddie grew up in a traditional business-like environment with his parents– working in the store since childhood. He started as a counter salesman, delivery boy, warehouse clerk and then collector. He then found a place in the company…and became a self-made businessman.

He is the eldest grandchild and the favorite of his grandfather…and from him, Freddie learned the values of commitment, integrity, honesty, hardwork and perseverance.



He finished his elementary and secondary education from Lanao Chinese High School in Iligan from 1974-1979 and 1979-1983, respectively.

He finished his undergraduate degree at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in Manila with a course – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management. The course provided Freddie with the necessary preparation in assuming management role in business or in other organizations. He is the current President of the Rotary Club in Iligan, an honorary member of the Junior Chamber of Iligan (JCI Iligan), member of the Philippine Eagles Club in Iligan and an active member of Freemasonry in Iligan. He then manages Krisland Corporation as the Personal Manager and Credit and Collection Head since 1987.


Freddie belongs to a third generation Iliganon. He wants to see a significant improvement in Iligan, something that will encourage good economic growth and social development. He wants to be a positive force in all aspects of his life, to his family, to his work and to the community in general.

His interaction with his employees and customers has contributed to his leadership development in the different levels of undertakings. Now, he is in the government as a public servant facing a different environment from the corporate world full of challenges but at the same time fulfillment.

As a Public Servant,  he truly believes that  he can be one of the instruments for positive change and can possibly come up with impact programs for the greater good of Iligan City.

With his desire to pursue knowledge, Freddie Siao took a lot of training programs in leadership and management. One of which is the Bridging Leadership Program of the Asian Institute of Management.  Freddie Siao has been trained and nurtured as a Fellow by the Asian Institute of Management and MSU-IIT as a bridging leader for Mindanao. The program is funded by the World Bank. His social divide in the program is entitled “Multi-Sectoral Convergence for a Reformed and Progressive Iligan City“. 

With his learning experiences in the Mindanao Bridging Leadership Program, he valued how important it is to be a Co-Creator with all the stakeholders. His divide has been his dream for Iligan even before he became a City Councilor. For him to realize this DREAM, there must be CHANGE not in material things or financial matter but CHANGE IN OURSELVES for a better Iligan and the future of our children’s children. We may also call this “Asenso Iliganon”


…“Kinahanglan tang mamuhunan dili sa pinansyal kundi ang atong kaugalingon para mausab nato ang Iligan”   —

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He  finished his Masters Degree program in Public Administration to polish his knowledge and skills in public Administration at the Bukidnon State University. His Master’s Thesis is entitled ” Policy Alternatives for the Effective Implementation of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) System in Iligan City”.

He also finished a course with the Haggai Institute Leadership Program in Hawaii, USA where strategically-positioned leaders  from all over the world are equipped to share God’s hope, His love, His truth, and His light.

POLITICAL 12573920_1677597129178785_1474406020015932973_n (1)CAREER

Freddie was elected twice as a City Councilor from 2010 to the present belonging to the top 5 councilors in terms of the number of votes. At present, he chairs three committees namely:

  • Chairman, Committee on Trade, Commerce and Industry
  • Chairman, Committee on Social Services (4Ps, BHW, BNS, Day Care Workers)
  • Chairman, Committee on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and Climate Change Adaptation

His interest in public service started when he was appointed as the City Sports Director of the Iligan City Sports Commission from 2004-2010.

In his stint as a City Councilor, many called Freddie as “Mr Performer’ because he accomplished 37 ordinances of local importance and impact, 175 resolutions and 6 pending ordinance as of January 2016.     

His vision for Iligan as a Briding Leader is….

He wants Iligan to be “a globally competitive and investment friendly city where people work together in harmony towards peace and sustainable growth.

His mission is for Iligan to be prosperous in peace and harmony by giving entrepreneurial opportunities and building a new image for Iligan..

His training and his exposure prepares him for a bigger role if given the chance to lead the Iliganons in Congress.


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