02 May 2018 | news release


I ask the COMELEC to publicly clarify sooner rather than later—preferably before election day—how it will address two issues:

(1) the fact that there are no candidates running in many SK posts; and

(2) how the winner or winners will be determined in SK elections wherein candidates are running unopposed.

I personally do not favor the idea of appointing people to perform the functions of the SK where no one is elected. There has to be an electoral and legal mandate.

However, if the COMELEC and DILG reach some sort of consensus on how the matter will be addressed, I would rather that they choose either of these two options:

(1) authorize the barangay council to appoint officials of the student councils of public high schools or colleges in their barangay to perform the functions of the SK council, or

(2) authorize the barangay council to choose the three youngest kagawad to function as the SK council.

A law may be needed for these options, so the COMELEC and DILG can recommend a draft bill to Congress on how to make either or both options happen. (END)

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