Most Outstanding Congressmen are not necessarily lawyers

A number of the detractors and opposition questioned the legislative capability of Freddie Siao. Let us clarify briefly why Freddie is more than capable to be in Congress as follows:

  1. His academic qualifications and trainings having finished a Masters Degree in Public Adminstration, a degree in BSBA in Management, a training program in Bridging Leadership at the Asian Institute of Management and his program in Hawaii as a Haggai Leaders Fellow prepared him for Congress.
  2. His accomplishments in legislation during his stint as a councilor for six years  speak a lot of his capability to come up with laws that may have an impact to the people (e.g. investment code, drrm ordinance etc). The effort will be doubled once given a chance in Congress.
  3. His bridging leader attitude of ownership, co-ownership and co-creation are important traits of a legislator. Besides, legislation is not all about debating. It includes skills in management which covers negotiation, bargaining,teamwork, brainstorming and discussion not only among his colleagues in Congress but more importantly his legislative staff who will help him in research and refinement of his legislative agenda. He can always hire legal experts who can help him craft bills which most of the non-lawyers do.
  4. Not all lawyers are fitted in Congress because there are a lot of Congressmen (lawyers) who have no track record in legislation. There are also non-lawyers who are output-oriented. This can be checked locally in the records of the Sangguniang Panlungsod. If you compare the legislative output of Freddie Siao as compared to the legislative output of his lawyer/barrister opponent during their time when they were councilors, you can conclude that the legislations of Freddie Siao have more impact and of quality. He has more outputs and accomplishments as compared to his lawyer/barrister opponent.

In the national setting, the Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PAPI) revealed and honored on August 28, 2015, the 8 winners in the 2015 Search for The Outstanding Congressmen of the Philippines (TOCP). Of the 8 winners, five of them are not lawyers.  An example of them are as follows:

Magdalo Party-list. Congressman Gary C. Alejano principally authored 40 bills and co-authored 36 House Resolutions. MPA


1 Term (3 years)

Hon. Leopoldo N. Bataoil   principally authored 27 bills, MBA, PhD


2 Terms (6 years)

This debunks the argument of the opposition that only lawyers should be in Congress.  Freddie Siao despite the fact that he is not a lawyer can be a good congressman. What is important is his passion to make a difference for the City of Iligan.


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