House Bill 5048 – Pera sa Basura Act


“We laud the City of Manila and their dynamic leader, Mayor Isko Moreno, for their ‘Kolek, Kilo, Kita para Walastik sa Maynila’ program which is designed to fight both poverty and waste pollution through a systematic recovery of recyclable materials. This and similar programs are what my House Bill 5048 seeks to institutionalize nationwide,” said Iligan City Rep. Frederick W. Siao, author of the proposed ‘Pera sa Basura Act’ (HB 5048).


[Source: Radyo Inquirer]


“We will closely follow the developments about the Manila program because if they are successful, their ‘Kolek, Kilo, Kita para Walastik sa Maynila’ program can serve as a benchmark or prototype for when HB 5048 becomes a law,” Siao said.


“In our view, HB 5048 is one of the most comprehensive bills that can achieve what President Rodrigo Duterte wants as regards eliminating plastic waste,” Siao said to “convince presidential advisers HB 5048 is worthy of Palace endorsement.”


The bill lets private corporations and government-owned or controlled corporations establish special purpose corporations or joint ventures with the specific mission of redeeming and recovering plastic wastes.


HB 5048 calls for collaboration of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources with the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Trade and Industry, to encourage individuals, households, civic associations, parents-teachers associations, homeowners associations, and non-profit institutions to gather and exchange collected non-hazardous and recyclable solid wastes.


Recyclable solid waste includes plastic bottles, wrappers, bags, sachets, metal canisters, unserviceable or used electrical and electronic devices, discarded hardware and recyclable computer parts.


The bill further provides that the DENR, DA, and DTI shall determine the reasonable and compliance-inducing exchange values for graduated weights or volumes of solid wastes surrendered. For hazardous waste recovery, the bill authorizes the DENR, DTI, and DA to establish a Hazardous Waste Recovery Protocols and Reporting System, through which individuals may report the exact location and details of the suspected hazardous waste. (END)

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