Congressman Freddie Siao proposes separation of 5 schools from its mother unit

PRESS RELEASE: September 24
Office of Cong. Freddie W. Siao
Reference: Verne Padilla, Head, BMPC
HOR Political Affairs

Siao proposes separation of 5 schools from its mother unit

Iligan City Lone District Representative Freddie W. Siao recently passed House Bill No. 3571.

This is an act, separating the Tomas Cabili National High School – Sta. Elena Annex (TCNHS – Sta. Elena Annex) from its mother or administrative school, the Tomas Cabili National High School (TCNHS), and converting it into an independent national high school to be known as Sta. Elena National High School (SENHS) and appropriating funds therefor.

Siao believes that the passage of this proposed measure is intended to address the need for a more functional, independent and financially stable secondary school. This is also one way of promoting an accessible, affordable and quality education for all secndary students in the above-mentioned barangay and its adjacent areas.

“Indeed, accessibility to quality and affordable education that extends to the poorest of the poor has been one of the national government’s thrusts in eradicating poverty as it is henceforth provided by way of the passage of this bill,” Siao said.

If this bill be approved, all personnel, assets, liabilities and records of the TCNHS-Sta. Elena Annex are hereby transferred to and absorbed by the SENHS.

“The Secretary of Education shall immediately include in the program of the Department of Education (DepEd) the operationalization of the SENHS, the initial funding of which shall be charged against the current year’s appropriations of the TCNHS. Thereafter, the amount necessary for the continued operation of the school shall be included in the annual General Appropriations Act (GAA),” the house bill states.

Aside from the separation of the said school, Siao also passed HBs No. 3572 and 3574 for the separation of o Tambacan and Pala-o Annex from Iligan City National High School, house bill no. 3573 for the separation of Santiago Annex from Iligan City East National High School and house bill no. 3575 to separate Abuno Annex from Acelo Badelles Memorial High School located in Barangay Tipanoy.*

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