07 January 2018 | news release


In a press release sent to the media on Saturday, January 6, I quote:

CHED International Affairs Staff Director Atty. Lily Frieda Milla clarifies that, “all official travels of the Chairperson are covered by appropriate travel authorities from the Executive Secretary and signed by Deputy Executive Secretary Menardo Guevarra.” Milla further explains, “the Chairperson is allowed to travel business class for long-haul flights as warranted under OP Memorandum Circular No. 7, s.2010 and because of her vertigo.”

CHED Chairperson Patricia Licuanan apparently has vertigo, which can, in unfortunate situations, be precursors to accidents. I hope she consults her doctor or doctors often and that she takes care.

I do not wish to add to her health worries, but I must come to the defense of my constituents who are among the 9,500 who are in the K to 12 Transition Program for college faculty, but whose allowances have not yet been released after many months of delay.

I continue to receive complaints. Despite assurances and notice last December that allowances to some of the faculty studying in Manila will be released, they still had zero allowances.

CHED is not lacking in people with intellect and matching advanced academic credentials and work experience, but I can not longer accept the excuse that they we unable to anticipate the volume of work that 11,000 sets of documents.

They could have hired additional personnel to deal with all those 11,000 sets of documents. They could have designated a dedicate lane or process for the K to 12 Transition program. They could have done many other measures.

In the meantime, college faculty are living in poverty and heavy debt. The CHED has demeaned them inexcusably.

I am, however, stopping short of asking for the resignation of the CHED Chairman and of the CHED Executive Director. They are not getting away from this that easily. Only about six months remain of the term of office of Dr. Patricia Licuanan.

They must clean up this mess. Then when CHED Chairperson Patricia Licuanan steps down, the executive director should also leave when she leaves. The other directors responsible for not solving the gridlock should also leave with them.

If, however, Dr. Licuanan’s health makes her unable to run the CHED well in the months ahead, then my suggestion is the honorable exit which is for her to resign. (END)

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