BFF Leaders Assembly 2016

BFFassembly4The BFF Leader Assembly was held on the last week of October 2016 where the BFF Future plans and programs was explained to the designated leaders per barangay. The H.O.P.E and BMAP are among of the programs that were presented to the event and also the priority projects of Congressman Freddie Siao like opening the road from Iligan-Bukidnon, creating a diversion road from Brgy Sta. Felomina to Brgy. Buru-un. Not only infrastructures but also with the health assistance project like, maternity assistance for the pregnants, hospital assistance, and livelihood programs. Aside from the programs mentioned, the Congressional District Office  also discussed the Mortuary Assistance where the constituents can avail next year 2017, the assistance includes free transportation trucks for those who will attend in the burial ceremony, assistance during in the mourning of wake at the funeral home. These are only the highlights of the event, over all it is successful one.


For more information about the said programs, please visit the Congressional District Office at the 2nd floor Rios Enterprises Building, Tambo Highway, Barangay Hinaplanon, Iligan City.


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