AIM Cooperative Month Celebration


With the theme “Cooperativism: A Countervailing Force against Climate Change and Violent Extremism through People Empowerment to Trailblaze a Shift in Paradigm towards Sustainability and Social Inclusion”, the Aurora Integrated Multipurpose Cooperative (AIM Coop) held their Cooperative Month celebration at the Elena Tower Inn on October 25. Representing the office of Cong. Freddie Siao, Engr. Orlando Maglinao attended the event as the keynote speaker.


Cong. Siao shares the view that people find it difficult to care about issues like climate change and violent extremism when they are mired in poverty. Cooperatives like AIM Coop have been instrumental in reducing this problem in many areas in the district of Iligan City. They are an important part of the fight for sustainability and social inclusion.


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