22 February 2018 | news release


As the Representative of Iligan City, I am deeply concerned about the statement of MILF Chairman Al-Hajj Ebrahim Murad that Iligan City and Cotabato may already be targets of terrorist groups for a sequel of their siege of Marawi City, in case the Bangsamoro Basic Law fails to pass.

I was therefore relieved to know directly from our military and defense officials that Iligan and Cotabato are not under any imminent threat from the ISIS terrorists who attacked Marawi.

The concern of the esteemed MILF Chairman for the welfare of Iligan and Cotabato is much appreciated, but I also hope he would first confer with top officials of the AFP, DND, and DILG instead of first making such statements to the news media.

Let me take this opportunity to assure Chairman Al-Hajj Murad that there is a good base of support in Congress for the passage of the proposed BBL and so there is no need to play the ISIS card while the BBL goes through the legislative process.

Congress is simply in the process of ironing out the details to significantly increase the BBL’s success factors during the implementation phase.

Iligan is one of the most progressive cities in Mindanao and is still recovering from the impact of the Battle of Marawi. The extension of Martial Law in Mindanao has helped stabilize the peace and order situation, as well as business confidence in Iligan and all over Mindanao.

Meanwhile, the military and police are steadfast in their ongoing mission to defend Mindanao against all security threats, foreign and domestic. Their commitment to their duty has earned the admiration and respect of Iliganons. (END)



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